Clinique Arteplast

Chirurgie plastique et esthétique


Some pictures of procedures

Aesthetic surgical procedures take place at the "CLINIQUE ARTEPLAST" for ambulatory cases, and at the Sierre hospital for patients requiring a overnight stays. This hospital, one of the latest in Switzerland, is the center of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Valais.

The operating room is ultra modern and has a leading technical platform.

A very efficient team of anesthetists ensures patients maximum safety and comfort, and a very personalized postoperative follow-up, each patient being individually hospitalized in a very comfortable room.



Intervention sur les paupières supérieures et inférieures
Diminution de la bosse
Augmentation mammaire
Augmentation mammaire
Réduction mammaire
Lipoaspiration de l'abdomen
Lipoaspiration de la culotte de cheval